Australia’s luck did not fall from the sky; it had to be torn from the earth in a triumph of mind over muscle. 

The secret of Australia’s good fortune is the Australian character, the nation’s greatest renewable resource.  Liberated from the constraints of the old world, Australia’s pioneers mined their reserves of enterprise, energy and ingenuity to build the great civilization of the south. Their over-riding principle was fairness: everybody had a right to a fair go and was obliged to do the right thing by others.

Today that spirit of egalitarianism is threatened by the rise of a new breed of sophisticated Australians who claim to better understand the demands of the age. Their presumption of superior virtue tempts them to look down on others and assert the right to rule.

Half a century after Donald Horne named Australia ‘The Lucky Country’, Nick Cater takes stock of the new battle to define Australia and the rift that divides a presumptive ruling class from a people who refuse to be ruled.

The Lucky Culture is a bold and original take on 21st century Australia and its people. Sometimes rousing, often provocative and always good-humoured, its unexpectedly moving message cannot be ignored.

The Lucky Culture And The Rise of Australia’s Ruling Class will be published in May, 2013 by HarperCollins Australia.